{November 26, 2010}   Chocolate

Whoever thought that chocolate could be so motivational? Duh… Everyone!

I love it at the moment, in fact we both do, it seems that chocolate is one of the only thingsĀ that me, my unborn baby (and my body) seem to agree on at the moment… I wish I had a tap, a chocolate tap that I could go stick my head under and turn it on.

Having Hyperemesis Gravadum since week four has not helped at all, but the fact that for some bizarre reason chocolate seems to be okay, is nothing short of amazing and almost life changing… In fact so much so, that seeing as my little one seems to like it too, I cant wait for Easter, chocolate eggs a plenty, we can chase down that Easter bunny together… We will be chocolate monsters together! Mwwwahhh hahaahhaha Haaaaa……

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